Eric Trabert and Associates Inc. of Southern California is an award winning and experienced Residential Design firm offering new, innovative and creative ways express unique personality and comfort in residential design.

E.T.A. Inc. has designed many custom homes including La Quinta, Ocean Ranch, Pelican Crest, Pelican Hill, Coto de Caza, Shady Canon, Santaluz and Covenant Hills to name a few. With E.T.A. Inc., you can expect an excellent level of service and attention, blended with an exceptional level of professionalism.

Eric Trabert

Born and raised here in Southern California, Eric vividly remembers the days of catching rays while surfing and playing volleyball on the beach.  “This is where I belong...I live in the most desirable part of the world and I get up in the morning and have the privilege of doing what I love to do.”

Eric’s passion for design began at an early age.  Every corbel design, window structure, roof texture, and detail found in any structure became an obsession for Eric, who dreamt of someday becoming a designer and create designs of his own.

His career began at 18 years of age, with no experience and only a bottled up desire to dive into the industry. Eric went from firm to firm pursuing employment and finally landed a job with Dennis Cherry and Associates in 1985 when he approached Dennis with persistence, a passion for design, and the desire to work.  Seventeen years of working with Dennis led to the  development of a strong business foundation as well as growth in their personal father and son relationship.  “Dennis is an amazing mentor.  He has not only taught me everything I know about residential design, but about the business aspect of the industry and most importantly, how to treat each and every client.  A designer must put all ego aside and realize you are not only designing a house, you are creating a home.  It is the clients' own personal space where they will live in, raise children in, and entertain in.  My job is to make sure they are totally satisfied with what has been created and that they understand the functionality as well as the feel that each detail creates.  I do not move onto the next phase until the client is 100% satisfied!”

Eric has also received several awards including:  Award of Merit (California Best Custom Home), MAME Award (Special Award of  Excellence, Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence), and Best in American Living Award (Silver, Best One-of-a-Kind Custom Home)

Eric tributes his success to Jana (his wife), and his two daughters, Audrey and Julia.   “They are my inspiration and my priority; they give me balance and support.”   ETA Inc. has grown tremendously just by word of mouth and expects more growth as each of his masterpieces are created and completed all over Southern California.  “Our best days are ahead, and I am excited about our journey there.”